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Welcome to Noam's Website

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This website was created as a personal one, targeted for several reasons:

  • Personal Website - There is no such a wonderful media than this one.
  • Family Book - There is lots of documentary available which now becomes accessible for all.
  • Genealogy - The more we have data upon, the more incredible it is to watch the whole picture.
  • Meeting Point - Web is available for all at all times.
  • This website concerns in various interresting topics.
  • This website is used as a platform for practical experience in website development.

Due to the many goals put in this personal website, I keep adding to and fixing this work, both in content and in presentation. Content would be elaborated where needed or unfinished in a pace of time and interrest. Website presentation would hopefully try to satisfy W3C standards in order to improve accessibility. I still have plenty of materials which would tramandously enrich the content. However, due to time space and budget limitations, they are not in this website yet. This website is currently having a unique domain, nashbell, at a pay server.

You can get in touch with me in different ways for improving, responding to, or maybe helping this website to florish.

  • This website was uploaded on Shabbat Ex., Addar 27th, 5764, March 20th, 2004.
  • On Friday, Shevat 4th, 5765, January 14th, 2005, this current domain was purchased.

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